Rajasthan: India’s Desert Realm

Before the British arrived, India was a vast collection of tribes, kingdoms, and empires with histories reaching back thousands of years.  The state now known as Rajasthan was once host to an array of conquerors, warlords, sultans, and kings, and the history of the battles and royalty make for a fascinating setting.  Many of the […]

Volunteering at Elephant Nature Park

There’s elephants in Thailand everywhere you look.  They’re adorning statues outside temples, tattooed on both tourists and locals, and of course decorating the seemingly endless sea of stretchy elephant pants favored by every girl that’s ever been to Thailand.  You’ll also, unfortunately, see elephants in poor conditions used to entertain tourists by giving rides, painting […]

When Plans Change

One of the best things about the trip is the flexibility.  There have been countless times along the way where we’ve worked in a destination we’d never considered, or picked a different route to get from A to B.  The constant working and reworking of plans has been a source of excitement, mystery, and even […]

The Year Has Arrived!

I’ve been planning this trip for almost five years.  That’s a long time to stay focused on one thing.  When you’re planning for something that far in the future, it can sometimes seem like it’ll never come.  Your life gets suspended in this in-between state where your future is known, but distant.  The date has […]

The “Why” of It All

I suppose I should speak to motivation. What can make a person turn away from a well-paying job, leave an interesting city, and set off without a semblance of stability or security?  To give up what so many strive for?  Some assume I must be running from something.  That there must be a repellent of some […]

You’re Doing What?

The Trip. In my head, it’s always had a capital “T”.  The details have changed over the years, but the underlying plan has remained more or less the same.  It’s been a driving force behind major life decisions, an occasional source of frustration, and above all, a light at the end of the tunnel.  It’s been […]