Holidays Abroad

This past Christmas and New Year’s are the first time either of us have spent the holidays away from home.  It was somewhat bittersweet — Christmas doesn’t feel quite the same when you’re not surrounded by a horde of family members, but seeing how a totally new part of the world celebrates (not to mention […]

Driving Across the USA

We made it home! Eleven days ago we set out from Los Angeles.  4,000 miles later and I’m sitting on the couch in my childhood home in Ohio, sipping a beer and playing with the dog.  In between was a vast array of sights, sounds, and smells; diverse yet connected.  We stood on cliffs perched above ocean […]

Five Days up the West Coast

We’ve done a lot of driving over the last five days.  About 1500 miles over a total of approximately 34 hours spent in the car.  For those of you doing the math, you might notice that it averages out to less than 45 miles per hour.  The reason for the lazy pace is the fact that […]

I Quit My Job!

I put in my notice at work; my last day is officially July 29th.  I’ve quit jobs before, but never without another one lined up, so this was a unique experience for me.  It’s simultaneously worrying and freeing thinking about the fact that a mere few weeks from now, I will be unemployed.  On one hand, […]


I wanted to write a post describing our Coachella weekend; after all, it’s one of the first opportunities I’ve had to write about something we did rather than something we will do.  However, when I actually sat down to write the post (which I’ve done 4-5 times now), something about it almost defies description.  Coachella was such […]

In The Meantime

The last couple months have been a mixture of feeling like the days are flying by and feeling like they’re dragging on.  There’s a lot to do before we can leave.  We need to schedule our second major flight, get an international driver’s permit, sell or donate 90% of our things, cancel our phone service, […]

The Year Has Arrived!

I’ve been planning this trip for almost five years.  That’s a long time to stay focused on one thing.  When you’re planning for something that far in the future, it can sometimes seem like it’ll never come.  Your life gets suspended in this in-between state where your future is known, but distant.  The date has […]