Flyer Miles

The Best Flight of My Life

Thanks to taking advantage of various frequent flyer programs, we were left with plenty of airline miles to cash in.  We decided to splurge a bit on our flight from Uruguay to Tokyo by booking first-class tickets.  Since the trip was so long we figured this would be the best bang for our buck (err… mile), and […]

How to Fly Around the World for Free

One of the most intimidating expenses of travel to far-flung lands tends to be the overhead cost of just getting there.  A round-trip intercontinental flight can easily cost over $1,000 for an economy ticket, and sometimes even get close to $2,000 depending on the destination.  If first-class is more your style, the cost can be mind-bogglingly […]

It’s All About the Money

Reading about why someone might want to do a trip like ours is all well and good, but equally important is getting down to brass tacks and figuring out the financial side of things.  While there are those who set off into the world without a penny to their name and make their way just fine, that […]