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November 2016

Huacachina: Desert Oasis

A few hours south of Lima lies the small city of Ica, and just a ten minute taxi ride from Ica is Huacachina, which looks like it sprung right out of a cartoon or fairy tale.  Located in the middle of Peru’s southern desert region, Huacachina is a literal desert oasis.  A natural freshwater lake […]

Exploring Peruvian Ruins

Prior to the Spaniards’ arrival to Peru in the 1500’s, the Andean region was host to a multitude of indigenous peoples.  The most well-known of these cultures is the Inca civilization, but there were at least a dozen others, including the Nazca, Wari, and Caral.  The oldest stretches back as far as the 30th century B.C., and […]

Budget Report: Ecuador

Since the beginning of the trip, we’ve been attempting to track every expense to get a better picture of where our money is going and if we’re on track to make it last.  After each country, we’re planning on posting our resulting budget to give a better idea of how much it actually costs to […]

Catching Up

It’s been a while since I posted last; since the Galapagos post almost two weeks have passed.  Since then, we’ve worked our way through Ecuador and down into Peru.  Rather than post on a few weeks’ delay, I figured I’d attempt to get up-to-date with this “catch-up” post and get better about updating between cocktails on the […]