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September 2016

Peace in Colombia

Colombia, unfortunately, has long been a country beset by violence.  The most notorious era of Colombia’s past, most recently brought into the spotlight by Netflix’s Narcos, was Pablo Escobar’s reign of drug trafficking, kidnapping, ransom, and murder.  Rising to power in the 1970’s, Escobar built a network that eventually provided over 80% of the United States’ cocaine […]

How to Fly Around the World for Free

One of the most intimidating expenses of travel to far-flung lands tends to be the overhead cost of just getting there.  A round-trip intercontinental flight can easily cost over $1,000 for an economy ticket, and sometimes even get close to $2,000 depending on the destination.  If first-class is more your style, the cost can be mind-bogglingly […]

A Weekend at Tayrona National Park

With Bridgette laid up with an unfortunate pool-related foot injury in Santa Marta, I was flying solo on our planned trip to Tayrona National Park, located 45 minutes or so outside of the city.  Still a bit leery of the public transportation options, I took the direct shuttle from our hostel for 12,000 pesos, which […]

Playa Blanca

Envision paradise.  White sand, palm trees, thatched roof huts, and hammocks.  Nothing to do but sit back with a book, sip a beer, and occasionally hop in the water when the beating sun becomes too much.  You’re picturing Playa Blanca, a beach tucked away 20 miles from Cartagena, the paradise that other paradises are based […]

Photo Post: Cartagena Street Art

A little over five years ago, a 16 year old boy by the name of Diego Felipe was shot and killed in Bogota for the crime of spray painting a cat on a wall.  Since then, street artists both local and foreign have started a street art movement across Colombia as a form of protest […]